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FREE #MYMCC14 day workoutconsistency challengeJan. 22-Feb. 5th (1)

Busy people tell me all the time their number one struggle to stay consistent with their fitness routine is lack of time and motivation. 

Couple that with the “old school”- limiting belief that workouts have to be a minimum of 60 minutes to get results, or “it’s just not worth doing anything at all”, keep people from achieving their fitness goals!

This is the reason I have developed the FREE #MYMCC, “Master Your Motivation Consistency Challenge!” 

The idea behind this challenge is to get past the workout slump that we all experience from time to time by committing to moving our bodies and having FUN for at least 10 minutes a day, for 14 days.  This challenge can be done right in your own home as you will only need a couple of dumbbells.

You’ll be doing this challenge with amazing people who, like yourself, want support and motivation to make changes towards better health. Healthy habits are formed by consistently taking action, which builds momentum and motivation, to continue to take more action!

Who is #MYMCC for?  

#MYMCC is a challenge for people who want a plan of action to start engaging in regular physical activity but have not had the framework or support to get started.  The challenge is not meant to be a weight loss plan (although that could be an effect some people may experience); it’s a challenge to help create a healthy foundation to start moving on a regular basis.

Challenge opens bi-annually and will re-open in 2019


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What is the #Moderate The Madness 14 day challenge and who is it for?

Over the last 10 years in the fitness industry, I have coached 100’s of men and women who have struggled with trying to lose weight by jumping on the latest diet fad that promises them “quick rapid, easy weight loss that lasts forever”….until it doesn’t.

Most all of these “quick fix plans”, are extremely restrictive, cutting out certain foods or entire food groups, use gimmicks such as injecting pregnant women’s urine, vitamin shots, and so called “fat burning pills”, among so many others,  to sell their “ultimate weight loss” program.

Here’s the problem:

1) They are ridiculously restrictive often excluding huge entire food groups leaving us feel deprived and miserable.

2) They cause us to have unhealthy relationships with food. We begin to assign moral values to food, i.e. this food is “good” this one is “bad”.

3) They make us feel horribly guilty if we, god forbid, want to eat a piece of bread, a piece of cheese, or try a little bit of dessert (all of which can fit into a healthy diet BTW).

4) They emphasize that “All or Nothing” way of thinking. We’re either ALL in on our cleanse, detox, or diet or if we break the rules (as with Whole 30), we have to start all over again because we were “bad” and ate something that was forbidden on the diet. So we figure if we were “bad” we might as well be “bad” for days, weeks, months… because the thought of going back to all of that restriction is unbearable.

5) They teach us ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about how to eat once we finish the “magic diet”!!!!!!!

What we’re really getting with these bogus plans, is extreme calorie restriction that tricks you in the beginning, to thinking you’re losing weight….when the truth is; you’re mostly losing water, muscle tissue (no bueno), and glycogen, with little to no fat.  The minute you starting eating normal again….the weight comes back on and brings a few extra pounds along for the ride with it.

So we continue our search for the next great cleanse, detox, diet and gimmick that’s going to be “it” this time.

The truth of the matter is no diet or fitness expert can possibly know your body better than you do and the diet industry has spent billions of dollars to convince you otherwise.  Yet through years of dieting and bingeing, we’ve lost contact with what our body’s own natural hunger and satiety cues, telling us when we’re hungry and when we’ve had enough.  We were all born with these natural signals that over time,  we’ve learned to ignore.

This is the reason I have developed the FREE “ModerateTheMadness Challenge!” 

The idea behind this challenge is to get past the deprivation/binge craziness cycle that constant dieting creates, and to find our way back to eating in a way that is healthy and satisfying and works for YOU!

Challenge opens bi-annually and will re-open in early 2019