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Maybe the pants are fitting a little snug or your energy and digestion are crying for help from consuming food and drinks that we normally aren’t in the habit of consuming.

Chances are you’re retaining excessive water from eating too much sodium rich foods and you may be a bit dehydrated from imbibing in adult beverages or excessive caffeine intake.

To combat this, I created a FREE “Five Tips to Debloat Naturally” system to help release some of the excessive water, aid digestion and help you feel better overall‼️

Now to be CRYSTAL CLEAR…this is NOT a fat loss plan‼️.

Any weight that is lost is purely water weight. In addition it’s not a “diet” or “meal plan”.

It is however a list of foods, herbs and spices, and my favorite recipes that will help you shed excessive water weight, hydrate and comfort a taxed digestive system‼️ It really is so healthy, it’s something you can incorporate all year long‼️

Inside this 11 page guide you’ll learn:

  • Which foods to consume and which to (temporarily) avoid, the best herbs and spices for debloating and soothing an over taxed digestive system.
  • Best debloating carbs (yes carbs!) to consume to shed excessive water weight.
  • My favorite delish, easy to make breakfast, lunch and dinner debloat recipes.
  • How to maximize your sleep quality to help debloat (yes sleep plays a part in water retention).
  • Easy intermittent fasting tips to aid in losing that water weight.

So if you’re ready to Debloat and feel better…click this link and I’ll send this Blueprint right to your inbox! It’s 100 % FREE‼️‼️‼️




Disclaimer: The advice and information provided by Coach Rhonda T may not be appropriate for all individuals.  It is highly recommended you consult with your physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program. If you take the  exercise or nutrition advice contained in this program you do so at your own risk and agree to release Coach Rhonda T from any and all claims or causes of action due to negligence.