Why Train Virtually?

Online Training offers a personal, private, distraction free way to Train One on One with me in your own home….no matter where you live!

Training virtually saves time. No wasting time stuck in traffic commuting back and forth to the gym. In fact, people often cite that the number one reason they have to cancel in person training is due to long commutes or being stuck in traffic.

This can have an a direct affect on your fitness outcomes. We know that exercising on a consistent basis is the key to obtaining desired results. Online training allows for one less obstacle to worry about in obtaining those results.

Training virtually also offers a safe way to train during the current global pandemic. Many people now have limited to no access to their local gym because of the safety protocols due to the pandemic. Working out online provides an the opportunity to start or continue a fitness regime with professional guidance to help you meet your goals.

What services do you offer?

Currently I provide One on One Personal Training Sessions, Group Fitness Classes and Nutrition Coaching.

One on One Training

I have three options for One on One Training; 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute sessions. After a thorough movement assessment, health history review, and determining your fitness goals; we will work together to establish the best frequency of training to accomplish your desired outcomes. This level of coaching is completely customized to your individual needs. This program provides the highest level off access to me. We will be working together weekly via One on One via Skype, Messenger or Zoom.

Group Fit Classes

Group Fit Classes are taught on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings either 6:00 PM Arizona time. Classes vary from Kettlebells, Circuit Training, Bodyweight, Boxing and more. These classes are best for those who have been exercising consistently for at least 3 months. Group Fitness classes are an affordable option to get in a variety of workouts covering strength, cardio and mobility needs. No customization with this program but some modifications will be shown if needed. Contact me at for current calendar and full details.

Nutrition Coaching#ModerateTheMadness

I have been certified with Precision Nutrition for eight years and Moderation 365 for a year, whose methodology is habit based coaching, making peace with food, and learning to eat for good health & satisfaction, while never having to adhere to a food plan again.

Meal plans can seem exciting in the beginning but most are impossible to stick to in the long haul. Life gets in the way. Kids get sick, the boss wants you to work late, there are 3 birthday parties to attend in a week, or you just aren’t prepared.

Habit based coaching works by working with what you’re already eating, and and making it a little bit better one habit at a time. No more going “on and off” of a restrictive plan that demonizes food groups and is impossible to stick to long term.

This is a 12 week program where we will be taking a deep dive to work on habit change, unlearning diet rules, strict protocols, old food narratives and learning to eat normal again. I will teach you how to listen to your own body’s natural cues, and learn to eat for optimal health and satisfaction.

This isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle.