Raymond O.

Ray before

Ray before weighing in at over 350 pounds

Ray After

Ray after having lost over 150 pounds

When I first met Rhonda, she was promoting her group fitness classes at my weight loss support group.  She brought her own music and exercise equipment and had us get up and start moving.  We were doing kickbox moves and exercises with tubing.  It was really motivating yet intimidating at the same time.  I  had never worked out in a group fitness setting before.  I decided to give her classes a try when I found out she teaches many different types of classes ranging from Bootcamp to Kettlebell training.

When I came to the first class, I must admit I was a little nervous.  Rhonda put everyone at ease right away by demonstrating the exercises and modifications for any moves that weren’t comfortable.  She encouraged us to go at our own pace and comfort level.

I had 2 goals in mind when I started working out regularly.  1) Find an exercise routine I could stick with and 2) strengthen my body so I would have the endurance to run half marathons.  Rhonda’s classes have helped me with both of these goals!  The variety of workouts has not only made me stronger but helped me recover quicker from a torn ACL injury.

Rhonda has been a true inspiration.  Her inventive exercises and teaching style has kept me coming back to work with her….now for over 4 years!  I encourage those who are considering hiring Rhonda as a trainer or taking her fitness classes to go for it!  She’ll show you that exercise can be fun!  – Raymond O.


Dr. Amy Shah

Dr. Shah

I started working with Rhonda in 2010 when I began taking her noon group fitness classes.  I’ve always had a passion for fitness and really enjoyed the variety she presented in her classes.  I found out she also did personal training so I thought would sign up for a few sessions to see if she could help me reach my goals.

In the past, I have worked with several trainers but never achieved the results I was looking for. I was hoping she could help me and that I wouldn’t be wasting money. I had 3 goals when I started with Rhonda- Tone up,Flatten my abs, and Prevent injuries.

When Rhonda suggested we start incorporating weight training into my fitness routine.  I was a little skeptical.  I had always assumed that running was enough to stay in optimal shape. I didn’t recognize that strength training would not only help me tone up my body and flatten my abs; it also helped me become a better runner!  Normally after a race I experience some discomfort or end up with injuries.  Not so after my last half marathon.  Rhonda designed a program that not only kept me pain and injury free; I actually bettered my time!

Rhonda’s level of expertise is above others in the field.  She provides an atmosphere where I can tell her my goals and work together towards them.  She pays attention to my body’s limits and yet pushes me to work harder at the same time.  We need more people like her out there training people!

Dr. Amy Shah

Asthma, Allergy, & Immunology


Don Parks

D Parks  Four years ago I started training with Rhonda Trollmann. I had been dealing with horrible lower lumbar pain for years due to a bulging disc and arthritis.  I went to physical therapy and was  put me thru a series of test that literally had me bouncing off the walls … barely able to keep my balance. I never realized how badly out of shape I was in, let alone the proper balance I lacked.  After finishing up with PT, I was referred to Rhonda for post rehab care.  So the story begins …

I am an avid traditional archer and have had the privilege of hunting all over the world. At 55 I was faced with one of these get well or find another passion in life decisions. Thank God I chose the get well process. It has been a lot of hard work. Sometimes wondering what I was thinking! She was relentless kind of trainer. Several times in the weeks, years, and months I reminded her that she should just back off! After all, I’m the client right??? Yea well, she has this brilliant smile and knowingly moved me along day by day, year by year, to making me actually (I hate to admit) get in the best shape I’ve been since my late 30’s. Never allowing me to hurt myself; I’ve had multiple surgeries on shoulders, neck, knee, and lower lumbar oblations. Whenever I felt pain, she very cleverly changed the exercise to accommodate the same results without the pain.

In 2014 my son and I did a Stone Sheep hunt in British Columbia. We carried our camp and gear on our backs up the mountain to our base camp in excess of 60 lbs. I hadn’t done a back pack hunt since the early 80’s so Rhonda and I specifically trained 14 months for our up-coming adventure. I not only was able to keep up, but I was successful. I thanked her every day, for every hour we spent together to achieve the goal. My son and I will be going back to BC this year for Mountain Goats in September so Rhonda is still working with me. At 58 it will be a challenge no doubt, but Lord willing I’ll still be at it well into my 60’s.

The decision to have professional trainer Rhonda to help one achieve proper health at whatever age or health restrictions we have is critical. I’ve pounded weights and worked out incorrectly for most of my life, and found out later in my 40’s the price it would cost me. There are trainers at every health club across the country, but then there are professionals in every field; some brilliant ones and some not so. Rhonda Trollmann is brilliant. I could never recommend her highly enough. She’s not only changed my life for the better, but I’ve witnessed others she has transformed as well.

Best Regards,

Don Parks JR., Owner Metal-Weld Specialties, Inc.