A Strong Butt equals healthy Knees

Healthy Knees


Because I work in a Physical Therapy Clinic, Spooner Physical Therapy, I work with a lot of post rehab clients with knee pain.

One of the best ways to keep your knees strong is probably not what you think. They key to keeping your knees strong is to keep your butt strong!!!

I found an article with basic moves that anyone can do at home to build a stronger backside…which leads to stronger knees!

If you don’t have a big stability ball as shown: you can still do bridges with your feet flat on the floor. Just make sure to press through the heels as that is what helps to activate the glutes.

Don’t have access to a stepping machine? No big deal! Practice with stairs around your house or a very stable step. Even just practicing sitting to standing by really digging those heels into the ground as you stand up, will really help to strengthen those knees over time!

Check out the full article and all of the exercises by clicking HERE.





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