Not so fast…Healthy Habits take time.



I’ve wrapped up a little over one week of my new healthy habit of daily meditation.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far. I missed two days this week and that’s ok…I managed to do 8 days which is 800% better than last week! Will I nail this everyday for forever…not likely.

But if I end up trending over time with more days doing it than not: that = success!

Do I feel like I am getting anything out of it? Honestly, not yet. So am I going to say “screw it” and give up? NO NO and NO!

We live in a society that is always searching for the next “quick fix” & if we don’t get it right this minute, we automatically engage the “all or nothing” mentality don’t we?

“Worked out for 4 days this week and didn’t lose a pound. Eff it! I’m going eat a whole cheesecake!”

“Ate kale and wild caught salmon with fresh veggies and fruit while drinking 2 gallons of water all week & then I slipped up and had a donut. I’m horrible at this healthy eating thing! I give up.”


I’ve been so guilty of thinking this way at times…it’s almost embarrassing!

But change and progress takes commitment and hard work over the long haul. Yes, there will be speed bumps, and sometimes a shit ton of them…but we just have to keep moving forward and focus on the longterm goal.

Did you learn to drive a car in 1 day? Did you learn to cook in a week? Did you learn to read, write, and talk in “21 days”?

No! Of course not! It took practice and making mistakes and more practice and making mistakes to learn these things.

Same goes for when we are trying to make positive changes in our lives.

It takes time. Almost ALWAYS more time than we’d like.

It takes work. A hell of a lot of commitment and focus.

It takes forgiving ourselves when we “slip up” and giving ourselves credit when we do a great job.

When things get tough as we are trying to change…and they inevitably will, just keep at it. Even if you can only muster up a baby step. Something is better than nothing. Always.

Break it down into #NFP- No Fail Pieces. Baby steps add up to huge mileage.

Progress, not perfection.

#healthyhabitstaketime #progressnotperfection #meditation #NFP #allornothingthinkingsucks


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