A few of my favorite things…DID NOT see #3 coming!

I love it when people I follow on social media share their favorite things.

It gives me some insight into what they are currently enjoying…and exposes me to some cool things that I might not be aware of.

When one of my clients recently asked what my current favorite workout was, along with my favorite way to relax….well I felt compelled to write this post to share 5 of my current favorite things.

So without further adieu ……..

1) One of my favorite things I am loving right now though is PHA Strength Training and Treadmill Incline walking/hiking training program I am currently designing.

SO FAR (it could change since it’s in such the early stages), it’s called #WalkHike &LiftToLose.

This is likely going to be a 10 week fat burning muscle building program (and no ladies…you won’t bulk up!) that is COMPLETELY no impact meaning; no running, sprinting or jumping required!

The treadmill or outdoor walking/hiking portion of the program will include brisk walking and incline walking intervals along with some light weight work while on the treadmill (yes you can lift light weights while hiking/walking on the TM…not for muscle gain obv. but to help elevate heart rate)…all while avoiding boredom.  It’s a calorie torcher…..and there’s no running or sprinting anywhere to be found!

The PHA piece of the program is Peripheral Heart Action Training, which is a circuit style of strength training that alternates a compound upper body move with a lower body move and core.  It’s typically 6 exercises repeated in circuit fashion 4-6 times.

Cathe Friedrich explains it best: 

“The goal of peripheral heart action training is to maximize the amount of blood that circulates to your upper and lower body as you complete a sequence of resistance exercises. With PHA training, you alternate between upper and lower body resistance training exercises, allowing as little rest as possible between each movement. The lack of rest and recovery keeps your heart rate up, for cardiovascular and fat-burning benefits, while switching between upper and lower body exercises, maximizes blood flow to all parts of your body and reduces build-up of lactic acid. By reducing lactic acid, you’re able to train hard without being forced to stop due to the burn,” 

Beginners would take up to 30 seconds of rest between exercises and perhaps complete 2-4 total circuits.  Intermediate exercisers would work through 4-6 rounds taking breaks as needed; and advanced exercisers would power through all 6 exercises and all 6 rounds with little to no breaks.  It takes about 30-40 minutes to complete…so it’s super time efficient too.

The combo of the TM walking/hiking paired with the PHA training is so amazing…and as far as my research has shown, nobody else has put these 2 together.

I’m loving it so much…I am chomping at the bit to share with everyone!!!  

Soo, I will be sharing one of my favorite PHA/TreadHike combo workouts in my upcoming June 23  newsletter.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, but you’re not yet on my list, be sure to click here to subscribe.

2) Green Tea- 

I heart green tea!!!  I like many brands but my favorite is Matcha tea from Kirkland.
I really love this stuff!  I’m suuper sonic sensitive to caffeine, which is why I think I’ve never been drawn to coffee.

This tea has a little bit of caffeine, but nothing compared to coffee or other caffeinated beverages.  Plus it has a whole host health benefits from increasing brain activity, reducing risks from some kinds of cancers, helps with physical performance, lowers risk of type 2 diabetes…and the list goes on and on! You can read more about the specific benefits here.

3) Harry Styles-


I am not a fan of  poppy “boy band music”, so I really never paid much attention to Harry Styles when he was in the boy band “One Direction”.

In fact, I had never heard of him at all until he performed a couple of songs off of his new solo album on SNL.

OMG…My hubby and I have a massive crush on this kid right now!  I freaking love his music!!!!!  He’s a youngster..at 23 years old but talented well beyond his years!!!!   Oh and a SUPER CLASS ACT (Justin Bieber you need to take note my friend LOL).

He just released his first solo album last month and it’s 1-800-DA-Bomb!!

You can check out “Sign of the Times” and “Kiwi” here which are from the new album.

Honestly, the whole album is just so different and so good!!!

4) Insight Timer-

This free meditation app is AMAZING!!!

It literally has 2 million meditations on all kinds of topics, that range from 1 minute to and hour, and everything in between.

A few of my favorite teachers are:

Jeremy Alford, Glenda Cedarleaf, & Andrew Johnson.

You really should check it out.

5) Artichokes!

Yes I said artichokes!

I am steaming them lately for dinner (I don’t get home before 8:45 most weeknights), so I need something light and delish for dinner.

I’ve been eating them with 1/2 cup of Greek Yogurt for the protein mixed with…..Hot buffalo wing sauce!!!

Don’t judge!  It’s actually so good!  It’s filling, satisfying and healthy!

I love the taste of buffalo wings (it’s the sauce really) and it spices the yogurt up and makes a great dip!

In fact, I’ll be eating one tonite :-).

That’s it!  These are my current favorite things…for this week anyway LOL!!!

What are your faves????

Anything you’d like to share?

If you try any of my favorite things…let me know what you think!

And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter if you want to “test drive” my new workout next week!

You can find me on Facebook to carry on the convo there!



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