Why waiting until January 1st to start exercising and losing weight has a 92% failure rate and how to be part of the 8% success rate

Oh we’ve all done it haven’t we.

Waited until the 1st of January to set our laundry list of New Years Resolutions.

Be honest with yourself….how has that worked for you in the past?  Did you succeed?

Me neither.

Studies have shown again and again that only 8% of people actually succeed at obtaining their New Years resolution goals.


That’s pretty dismal isn’t it.

One of the issues is that we try to make so many BIG changes without having an actual game plan.

We just make more of a “wish” list…like losing 20# for example.

Maybe we buy a gym membership or a new workout video…but we don’t actually take the time and plan an effective way to workout, how often, when to progress the routine etc.

The next thing we know, we get bored, think of a million other things that have to be done …and well, we are completely out of the exercise habit.

Oh well.  There’s always next year.

But what if you started taking very small, very doable steps that are actually FUN today?

It will increase your chances of long term success greatly…

It’s not a short term resolution.

It’s a way to incorporate small amounts of movement into your everyday life that eventually become long term habits.

So instead of waiting until January 1st to start an exercise routine…..


3 months from now

Seriously, if you start now, the chances of being successful in the long term are much improved!

The idea is to start small.

If you haven’t been consistent with exercise in the past, just commit to doing something for 5 minutes a day.

Seriously.  Just 5 minutes.

Walk 2 houses up the street and back.  Do 5 minutes of seated or standing marches.  Do five minutes of alternating sit to stands with wall push ups.  Just do something for 5 minutes.  Dance for 5 minutes!!!!  Yes, dancing is AMAZING exercise!  Do air punches….just do SOMETHING.

Next week add another minute or 2 and keep increasing the time each week.

Guess what?

By January 1st you’ll be ahead of the New Years Resolution game!!!!  If you start TODAY and just do the minimum of 5 minutes plus adding 2 minutes each week; you’ll have worked your way up to 15 minutes of exercise or more per day!!!

Now that’s something you’ll likely stick with long term!



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