My group fit peeps almost killed me in our Bootcamp class.

Bootcamp Image

Well, sort of.
I guess I had a leeetle something to do with it since I was the designer of the whole thing LOL!
Oh, and I’ve linked the workout HERE just for you if you decide you want to try it….
We sprinted, scarecrowed, lunged, squated, high stepped, planked….you get the idea.  We worked out hard.

You know what the cool thing is: we all made the workout work for us.

Because I work in a physical therapy clinic, many of my clients were former patients (I was a former patient there too at one time).  We all have some type of physical limitations.  I have arthritis in my hands and wrists, one client has a bad knee, another has shoulder issues, some have back pain, but you know what?  We modify.  We don’t make excuses.  We make the workout work for us AND the biggie of them all…


That can be a struggle can’t it?
I know it used to be for me.  When the arthritic changes started happening in my hands and wrists, I was straight up in denial.  Damn straight I was going to keep pushupping (is that a word??), down dogging, mountain climbing,…cuz that arthritic shitz was not real and damn it, everyone else was doing it and I’m not stopping!
And then it stopped me.
I now have bone spurs in both wrists and the joints in my hands look like a 90 year old’s.  It got so bad, that I was in a splint on my right hand for 9 months!
My own damn fault.  I was too stubborn, too much in denial, and wanted to do what everyone else was doing.
I have sooooo let that go now.

 I had to.

Who cares if I can’t do push-ups or yoga or burpees on my hands.  I’ve found modifications (burpees on your elbows on a chair in plank position are kinda cool).  I figure out what I CAN do, even if it doesn’t look like what everyone else is doing.
That’s how I help my clients too.  I help them find modifications.  I help them find their own way of moving their bodies that works for them.
We have a blast in my classes.  We all go about our workouts in our own way and we don’t compare ourselves to each other.  Ever.

We workout together in what I call #NJZ:  No Judgement Zone

Maybe that’s the gift of age or just letting go of trying to be like everyone else.  We are all unique and need to honor that.  Always.

On to the workout!

I actually created this workout to do at home, so it’s great for both the gym and at home.
You’ll need a couple sets dumbbells, a step, and cardio machine.

If you are unfamiliar with any of the moves, hit up the youtube or google.

The workout is 1-4 rounds, 1 minute per exercise (30 seconds per side in some of the moves), except for the cardio machine sprints.  Those will always be 2 minutes.  There are no scheduled breaks….take them when you need them.  Some of my peeps last night would sit out for 30 seconds or longer if needed.  Modify anything that doesn’t work for you!
If you decide to do this crazy workout…. do me a favor and let me know how it went! You can always respond to this email or hit me up on Facebook or Instagram.
If you would like workouts like this or you want me to talk about any other fitness/nutrition/mindset related topics….let me know!



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