Let’s talk about walking…shall we?

Let’s get our walk on!

I love walking with my hubby and dogs and try to do as much of it as possible outside weather permitting; but i’ll definitely use my treadmill too when getting outside isn’t possible.

With all of the hype over extreme/intense workouts such as Crossfit, Orange Theory, and Metcons (I’m a Metcon fan), one form of exercise that is equally (if not more) important for our health is walking.

Leisure walking is still the most popular form of exercise in Europe and they just happen to have longer life spans, are overall much thinner and more fit, & spend less on healthcare than we do (they also eat less processed food which helps for sure).

Walking is often overlooked as “what’s the point”, but there truly are great health benefits to daily walking such as:

Walking reduces risk of cardiovascular disease & diabetes by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

Walking reduces the risk of cancer the 2nd biggest killer in the US.

Walking is good for mental health! It aids in combating depression and has been shown to increase creativity.

Walking lowers stress and anxiety something that is so prevalent in today’s society.

Walking aids in recovery from strength training and harder more intense workouts. Our bodies need to recover from these sessions and walking is the perfect solution when we want to keep moving while recovering.

Walking can be done anywhere with no special equipment needed (other than clothing and shoes obviously LOL). I literally could go on and on about the benefits of walking! Science shows that even 10 minute daily walks have great health benefits….so why wouldn’t we walk, right?? In my very humble opinion (with science to back it up), strength training and walking are THE 2 best forms of exercise to keep us healthy and strong as we age! Time for me to lace em’ up and get walking!


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