Steady state cardio…it ain’t popular but I like it!


I overheard a convo the other day where one lovely person was telling another that they keep hearing from “fitness experts” that steady cardio is a bad thing, but it’s the only thing they really like to do (referring to running). That person went on to say, “I guess I won’t do anything then since it’s bad for me.”

Wait NOOOOOOOO! If the choice is between doing nothing or doing the thing that gets you enjoy and it gets you off of your butt and moving: DON’T STOP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE DOING!!!!

This is what pisses me off about the fitness industry sometimes. The ‘gurus’ come up with these “all or nothing” rules that leave people feeling frustrated and confused.  These ‘gurus’ are forgetting that there is NO one size fits all in fitness!

I am a believer in all things in moderation. I do believe that a mixture of cardio, strength, metabolic conditioning and flexibility training is best for the majority of people. By combining these forms of exercise, we are less likely to suffer from overuse injuries, keep our bones, muscles & joints healthy, maintain a functioning metabolism, and prevent boredom.

But let’s face it; some people are just natural runners, swimmers, bike riders etc. That’s what their bodies love to do. Who am I to tell them they are wrong!!!!!!

I am not a great runner. In fact, my extremely tight calves really hate the idea most of the time.

But sometimes I just wanna go for a run!! And a steady state one at that!

So that’s what I did this morning after walking my dogs. I jammed to my fave running tunes “30 Seconds to Mars” and went for it.

Steady state cardio helps me clear my head. I can tune out (or in LOL), and just go. I don’t have to focus so much on my form or what I’m doing like I do when performing other types of exercises. It’s a little like “comfort food”, makes you feel good all over …but without the calories 🙂

So the next time you hear some “guru” tell you that steady state cardio is bad and makes you feel guilty for liking it, put in your earbuds, grab your fave tunes and go get yourself some steady state!

#FortheLoveofMovement #dowhatyoulove #NoOneSizeFitsAll#SteadyStateisFitnessToo

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One thought on “Steady state cardio…it ain’t popular but I like it!

  1. Great post!
    I 100% agree with everything you’ve said! I’m a massive lover or steady state cardio – I run – and it’s rubbish hearing and reading that it isn’t beneficial etc etc. It’s beneficial to me and my wellbeing and that’s all that should matter isn’t it. Health ‘experts’ are the worst sometimes.


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