Perfect eating…it’s all just an illusion.


I was scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feeds the other day and realized that I post alot of pics of healthy food.

These pictures are legit;  they’re foods I love to eat and do eat regularly.

But they only tell part of the story.

I do not eat just those foods 100% of the time.

I also indulge in chips and salsa (the photo above was taken a recent potluck at work), cheeses, occasional dark chocolate, wine, etc.

These foods are NOT considered clean eating by any means…..but I enjoy them on a regular basis in moderation.

In the past, I would have the diet mentality of “all or nothing” – meaning I was 100% on my “diet”.   No slip-ups ,or, if I did, god forbid “break the rules”, I would say f*ck it and binge on chips & sweets like it was the “last supper”.

I’ve since learned that the “all or nothing”,”restrictive”, “deprivation”  way of eating rarely gets you all and mostly gets you nothing.

So, yes, I love healthy food and eat it everyday.

But I also allow the occasional and sometimes daily bites of “forbidden” (no longer forbidden) foods ….

Because life is too damn short not to enjoy it!

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One thought on “Perfect eating…it’s all just an illusion.

  1. I can really relate to this. I post a lot of healthy food that I love to eat, but I also enjoy dark chocolate, the occasional cheese and weekend treats.
    I used to be either 100% or 0. Moderation is important. I don’t understand how people can be 100% healthy all the time!🙂


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