What did you do for the “Love of Movement” today?


What did you do” For the love of movement” today?

Did you do: Yardwork? Dance? Golf? Swim? Walk? Tai Chi? Participate in team sports? ….. So many amazing ways to move our bodies to make us feel good.

I decided to get my movement on by doing a kettlebell/treadmil workout.

In celebration of the 115 and 117 degree temperatures coming to Phoenix this week- 😦, I decided it was time to get used to being indoors again for the next few months and came up with this workout- I warmed up for 10 minutes and then:

-1/4 mile jog (you could walk) on treadmill no incline. Exit the treadmill.
-Perform 1 minute intervals of each of the following taking breaks as needed. ( I used a 25# & 30# kettlebells- you use what works for YOU.)

-Double hook swings
-Alternate Reverse lunge pass thru
-Alternate High pulls
-Kettlebell pullover sit ups

-Back to treadmill for hill climb for 1/4 mile
(I was at a 3.0 speed 10.0 incline use what works for you). Off the treadmill for 1 minute intervals of each:

-Figure 8 swings
-Squat catch
-Push press

I then repeated everything again. Whew…great workout….

Of course you don’t have to do kettlebells or the treadmill. Your way of moving your body might be completely different. The point is to pick something you enjoy…something that makes you feel good!



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